Fjallraven Keb Jacket – Men’s

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Universal Ranking

PeakScore: 96 (out of 100)
User Rating: 4.8 stars 
Expert Rating: 4.8 stars

Number of Ratings Reviewed: 64

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy:

User Reviews

  • Thick and durable material to keep you warm.
  • Functions well and is stylish.
  • Comfortable and can be used in a variety of climates.
  • Protects you in wet weather and high winds.
  • The soft back panels aid in breathability.
  • The heavy-duty hood features a wire to remain in position.
  • The back of the jacket is long enough to protect you.
  • Air vents and access zips on the side increase ventilation.

Expert Reviews

  • Uses G-1000 material for extra durability and protection.
  • The G-1000 is used around the hood and shoulders for extra protection in high-wear areas.
  • Large areas are covered by breathable nylon for added ventilation.
  • Dual zippers are used in the front for ease in opening and closing.
  • The cuffs are closed with Velcro and the hem features a drawstring, allowing for complete adjustability.
  • Two large zippered chest pockets provide easy storage.
  • The pockets are harness-compatible.
  • Provides adequate wind-resistance for biking.
  • Covers the back of you for adequate warmth.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • The pocket locations may not be the most efficient for casual wear, but work well with a climbing harness.

Expert Reviews

  • The hood can cut off some peripheral vision, but does well by blocking the wind.
  • The arm pocket is a little small for most items.
  • The jacket is expensive, but long-lasting.
  • The tunnel hood may be too large for some people’s tastes.
  • The stretch panels are not as wind-resistant as the G-1000 sections.
  • The stretch panels can let wind in and minimize the heat stored.


The Fjallraven Keb Jacket for men is a durable, stylish, comfortable, and protective jacket that can be used in a variety of climates due to the material, fit, and technical qualities. The multiple positive reports show the high-quality of the jacket, and despite some issues with the fit of the hood, this jacket is well-liked by many users. The weather protection combined with the functionality, adjustability, and warmth provided make this a top-of-the-line jacket for outdoor adventurers.


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