Arc’teryx Alpha Composite Pant – Men’s

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User Rating: 4 stars 
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Pros & Cons

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User Reviews

  • Very versatile to work in various conditions, like ice climbing and rock climbing.
  • Lightweight and flexible for comfort and mobility.
  • Very breathable to keep you ventilated during hard days on the mountain.
  • Provides some water and wind resistance for weather protection.

Expert Reviews

  • The whole front and side of the leg is Gore-Tex fabric for extra protection.
  • Anti-crampon patches on the back of the cuff and the leg for protection against rips and tears.
  • Features a zippered-gusset at the ankle to fit with ski boots for added compatibility.
  • The waist-belt is easy to use and adjustable for customization of fit.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • Some users may need a different fit for their body type.
  • Only one leg pocket, which causes a lack of secure storage and convenience.
  • The outer stretch-woven fabric isn’t the most durable to withstand abrasions.
  • Doesn’t have a clip at the bottom of the pants to clip your pant bottom into your boots for functionality.
  • XS size is not offered, so the sizing might not go small enough for some users.

Expert Reviews

  • Only has one pocket, which limits the storage capabilities.
  • Lacks some windproofing abilities on the upper thigh for extra warmth.


The Arc’teryx Alpha Composite Pant for men is a versatile, lightweight, and breathable pant that is well-suited for those who want a comfortable and mobile option. However, the lack of durability and the fit issues will be concerning for some. If you frequently are in tough terrain and need a rip-proof pant, then this isn’t the best choice for you. However, if you want moderate weather-resistance and need a highly-breathable pant, then this could be the pant you’re looking for.


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