Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpant – Men’s

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User Rating: 4.9 stars 
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Number of Ratings Reviewed: 37

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy:

User Reviews

  • The fit is snug without being too tight, allowing for plenty of movement and comfort.
  • Tapered leg for a slim fit that prevents any excess bagginess, leading to a stylish and comfortable pant.
  • Drawstring cord for additional adjustability.
  • Comes in a variety of neutral colors for easy matching.
  • The waistband has plenty of stretch for an adjustable fit.
  • Feat flat seams to prevent any rubbing or chafing on your skin.
  • Wash well without breaking down or looking worn.
  • The crotch area is reinforced for added functionality.

Expert Reviews

  • The stitching is consistent and prevents any rubbing for additional comfort.
  • The design is more fitted than traditional sweatpants for a more stylish look.
  • Keep you comfortable and cozy during all-day use.
  • Works well as a matching set or for wearing as separates, providing plenty of versatility.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • Expensive compared to other options.
  • The material can easily stain, so you might need to wash these pants more than others.
  • The sizing might run a little small, so you should try on before purchasing.

Expert Reviews

  • The sizing can run slim, so you might need to try-on before buying or size-up.
  • Expensive when compared to other options.
  • The length of the limbs is long, so it might be too long for some body types.


The Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpant for men is a comfortable, slim, and stylish option that is a high-quality lounging pant. Even though this sweatpant is more expensive than traditional choices, the comfortable material, stylish fit, and high-quality construction make this a long-lasting and cozy pant that can justify the higher price.


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