Backcountry x Black Diamond Stone Garden Crag Backpack

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  • Relatively small for carrying gear for a climbing day trip.
  • This pack works extremely well to haul ropes and hardware over tough terrain.
  • The main compartment has multiple entry points for added efficiency.
  • Features the main compartment and 3 additional pockets for ample storage of gear.
  • The chest strap is adjustable for a precise and personalized fit.
  • The bottom pocket functions well to store worn shoes or dirty items that you want to keep separate.
  • Features gear loops on the exterior of the pack for quick and easy attachment of gear.
  • This bag can stand up on its own for added efficiency and functionality.
  • The bag is minimalistic and simple for a sleek and stylish look.
  • The outer material is tough and resistant to rough terrain.
  • The J-zipper lets you quickly unzip the pack and see all of your gear without having to take everything out.

Reasons NOT to buy:

Expert Reviews

  • The bag might be too small to fit all of your necessary climbing gear.
  • The hip belt lacks some padding, making it less comfortable for carrying long distances.


The Backcountry x Black Diamond Stone Garden Crag Backpack is a durable, tough, and functional option that works well for hauling gear over tough terrain for single-day trips. Despite lacking some hip-belt padding, this crag backpack is specifically designed for transporting climbing gear, organizing your equipment, and withstanding rough conditions.


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