ARVA Neo+ Beacon

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Expert Rating: 4.6 stars

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Expert Reviews

  • Contains a motion sensor to prevent unnecessary changes from ‘searching’ to ‘transmitting’ mode, saving battery and time.
  • Features a holster-style harness for security.
  • Provides excellent range to increase safety and functionality.
  • Contains all of the necessary features that backcountry users need to use.
  • The different colored harness straps make it easy to put on the harness correctly the first time around.
  • The screen is bright and easy to read for added user-friendliness.
  • Switching from ‘Send’ to ‘Search’ is easy by just sliding the transceiver, limiting any complicated button-pressing.
  • The buttons are labeled and easy-to-use, increasing user efficiency.
  • Capable of detecting another beacon from over 70 meters, adding to the safety and functionality of this beacon.
  • Turns on and off by using a twist dial, increasing the ease-of-use.
  • The harness is easy to take on and off for added functionality.
  • The beacon is a good price compared to other similar options on the market.

Reasons NOT to buy:

Expert Reviews

  • The Neo+ is heavier than the original Neo, so might not be the best choice for those ultralight travelers.
  • The grey slider can be difficult to quickly move up and down while wearing gloves or mittens.
  • Snow can get stuck behind the slider button, preventing it from returning to the ‘Transmit’ function and limiting the bad weather capabilities.
  • The directional arrows disappear at 3 meters, which requires users to practice and get used to this setting.
  • Can be difficult to change the volume control and noise feedback to soften the audio feedback.
  • The flagging options can be tedious and confusing for beginners to use at first, reducing the intuitiveness.


The ARVA Neo+ Beacon is a mostly easy-to-use, functional, and feature-filled beacon that has a vast signal range. Despite having a bit of a learning curve when first starting out, once you get used to the buttons and features of this beacon, you will enjoy a user-friendly and well-priced beacon for avalanche and search-and-rescue scenarios.


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