Eureka Gonzo Grill

The Eureka Gonzo Grill is an easy-to-use, versatile, and durable option that is well-suited for camping. Despite being heavy and awkward to carry, this would be a good choice if two people were transporting the grill, or if you didn’t have to carry it long distances to a campsite. We would recommend this grill for those who want a simple, durable, and easy-to-clean option.

Eureka K-2 XT Tent: 3-Person 4-Season

The Eureka K-2 XT Tent: 3-Person 4-Season is a easy-to-use, ventilated, and durable option that can withstand heavy rains, winds, and snow. Despite being expensive, heavy, and a little snug for 3 people, this is a great tent to use during inclement weather when sharing the weight-load with 2 or 3 others. This tent may be expensive for Eureka, but for a rugged, warm, and easy-to-set-up option, we think the price and weight are ‘outweighed’ by the positives.

Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

The Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent is a well-loved, 2-person, 4-season tent that performs just as well as its competitors for a fraction of the price. Many Alpenlite owners say this tent is “bombproof,” capable of withstanding constant rain, high winds and snow over many years. The Alpenlite performs well in a wide range of temperatures due to its many ventilation ports, and is an excellent, versatile choice if you can shoulder 8 lbs.