Kastle TX82 Ski

The Kastle TX82 Ski is a lightweight, versatile, and precise ski that is ideally suited for backcountry use. Despite not being as good on compact snow as other options and not great in deep powder, the ability of this ski to perform extremely well in variable backcountry terrain makes this an incredible choice for alpine touring.

DPS Skis Wailer T99 Ski

The DPS Skis Wailer T99 Ski is a lightweight, versatile, and high-quality backcountry ski. This ski is designed for backcountry use, with a great ability to chop through powder, get through difficult snow, and easily turn and change direction. Despite not being the most lively ski and becoming unsteady at high speeds, for those who mostly use their skis for backcountry adventures, this is a high-quality choice.

Blizzard Zero G 105 Ski

The Blizzard Zero G 105 Ski is a versatile, lightweight, and functional ski that works well in deep snow, downhill runs, and steep ascents. Despite not being suited for beginners and not the best in hard or icy conditions, the skis work very well in a variety of conditions, built to float on top of the snow and maneuver in many conditions.

Black Diamond Helio 88 Skis

The Black Diamond Helio 88 Skis is a versatile, grippy, and lightweight option that is well-suited for advanced skiers who travel in a variety of snow conditions. Despite maybe not being as sturdy as a wider ski while going full speed and holding an edge, the ski is constructed to be stable and sturdy in almost all conditions. These skis are for backcountry skiers who want a wide range of performance capabilities.