KEEN Terradora Waterproof Hiking Shoe – Women’s

We’ve read the reviews across the web for the KEEN Terradora Waterproof Hiking Shoe – Women’s and summarize the results below:

Universal Ranking

PeakScore: 84 (out of 100)
User Rating: 4 stars 
Expert Rating: 4.5 stars

Number of Ratings Reviewed: 1027

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy:

User Reviews

  • Very comfortable for all-day use.
  • Versatile to use as an active walking shoe or hiking shoe, since the style is more of a sneaker instead of a heavy-duty hiking boot or trail runner.
  • Flexible for extra agility on uneven terrain.
  • Works well for casual use around town and for moderate trail use.
  • Stylish for use on or off the trail.

Expert Reviews

  • Lightweight for all-day comfort and easy packing.
  • The EVA midsole is lightweight to help keep the shoe at the light-end of the weight spectrum.
  • The sole is soft for added comfort.
  • Offers protection against some tough outer terrain.
  • Breathable for temperature regulation in warm weather.
  • The insoles are removable for added functionality while using orthotics.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • Might not be wide enough for some foot shapes.
  • The toe box might be a bit small for some users’ feet.
  • Some reports of the shoe ripping above the flex of the big toe joint, showing a lack of durability.

Expert Reviews

  • Lacks support for those who need extra ankle stability.
  • The arch support and padding might not be enough if you plan on doing long-distance or intense hikes.
  • Doesn’t have much tread for grip on slippery or uneven terrain.


The KEEN Terradora Waterproof Hiking Shoe for women is a lightweight, versatile, and comfortable option that works well for stylish use around town or for light-to-moderate trail wear. Once you make sure the narrow fit works well for your foot shape, this hiking shoe will keep your feet cool and comfortable during long days on the trail.


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