Northern Playground Ziplongs 3/4 Wool Pant – Women’s

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User Rating: 4.7 stars 
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Number of Ratings Reviewed: 13

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User Reviews

  • Simple for layering and versatility.
  • True to size for easy buying online.
  • The 3/4 zip lets you cool down during intense activity.
  • The color-coded zippers make organization easy.
  • The flexible material works well for a full range of motion.
  • Easy to zip on and off for increased functionality.
  • The length works well with high socks to keep your legs warm during cold temperatures.
  • The waistband is soft and does not dig against your skin.
  • Very comfortable for all-day wear.

Expert Reviews

  • Warm and comfortable for all-day use.
  • You can easily take these pants on and off without having to take your boots off.
  • The wool material is soft against your skin and does not itch during all-day use.
  • Regulates your temperature for use in a variety of conditions.
  • Not bulky for layering under tough hardshell pants.

Reasons NOT to buy:

Expert Reviews

  • The length might be too short on some body types.
  • Depending on your socks, the 3/4 length might not fully cover your legs.


The Northern Playground Ziplongs 3/4 Wool Pant for women is a warm, versatile, and comfortable option that provides temperature regulation in a wide range of weather conditions. With side zips that let you increase the breathability during exercise, this 3/4 wool pant can easily be layered during colder winter conditions as well.


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