Forsake Trail Hiking Boot – Men’s

The Forsake Trail Hiking Boot for men is a comfortable, versatile, and waterproof boot that can be used as both a city sneaker and a trail boot. Despite being a little too low to protect against debris and lack of deep traction, the combination of a comfortable collar, lightweight material, and breathable properties make this a good choice for those who want one boot that can do it all (mostly).

Forsake Patch Hiking Boot – Women’s

The Forsake Patch Hiking Boot for women is a stylish, superbly waterproof boot for walking around in all weather (snow, rain, and cold temperatures are no problem) and going on day hikes. These boots are not really made for long, technical hikes or backpacking as they do not have the kind traction or ankle support required for hard use, but they do shine as a travel and adventure boot because of their versatility and comfort.