Race Face Next 3/4in Riser Handlebar

The Race Face Next 3/4in Riser Handlebar is an easy-to-use, cross-country-specific, and aerodynamic option that is comfortable for all-day use. Although this handlebar is at the high end of the price spectrum, if you are looking for a cross-country handlebar that excels at downhill use, this could be a good choice.

Race Face SIXC DH Handlebar

The Race Face SIXC DH Handlebar is a durable, comfortable, and lightweight option, that combines stiffness and flexibility into one product, allowing for a technical bar that is suitable for various riding conditions. The higher price point means this is a splurge, but for those who want an ergonomic bar with a good feel, this is a great choice.

Race Face Aeffect Pedals

The Race Face Aeffect Pedals are a nice option for cyclists who want a sleek, grippy, durable, and solid pedal that is best suited for those with regular or narrow feet. The sharpness of the pins and pegs allow for precision, but can also be dangerous while using, so this pedal is best for advanced cyclists who know how to safely and efficiently clip-in and remain secure during a ride.

Race Face Tailgate Pad

The Race Face Tailgate Pad allows you to transport multiple bikes securely. The functionality, protection, and security provided make this pad a great choice for most truck and bike owners.