Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Pant – Men’s

The Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Pant for men is a stretchy, functional, and adjustable option that works well for when you want a lightweight and comfortable pant for all-day use. Despite not being the most abrasion-resistant and some issues with the waterproofing being up to par, these pants could be a good choice for those who won’t put them through the wringer, but want a lightweight option for active use.

Arc’teryx Alpha SL Gore-Tex Pant – Men’s

The Arc’teryx Alpha SL Gore-Tex Pant for men is an extremely lightweight and packable pair of rain pants that also manage to be some of the most waterproof on the market. These parts are very durable for their lightness, and can last years, even with regular use, although the Gore-Tex will have to be re-treated with waterproofing spray eventually. These pants do not have pockets, and some users dislike the hook-clasp system on the waist, but most everyone agrees that these pants will keep you dry for a long time, making them worth the price.