Yakima Evenkeel

The Yakima Evenkeel is a durable, functional, and highly compatible option that works well for carrying various types of outdoor gear. With adjustable straps, user-friendliness, and an easy set up, this rack is a good option for transporting kayaks and paddleboards.

Yakima BowDown Boat Rack

The Yakima BowDown Boat Rack is an easy-to-load, padded, and quick-to-install option that works on a variety of cars. However, there have been many user reports of a lack of a secure connection with round bars, with the kayaks slipping during use when driving at high speeds. Unfortunately, the lack of stability make this a questionable choice for carrying kayaks.

Thule Stacker Kayak Carrier

The Thule Stacker Kayak Carrier is a high-quality, durable, and versatile option that is best suited to carry two kayaks securely and safely. The possibility to carry no more than two kayaks may deter some groups from purchasing this carrier, but the ability for any Thule rack to attach to one another makes it easy to add another stacker.