Backcountry x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skin

The Backcountry x G3 High Traction Splitboard Skin is an inexpensive and easy to use skin that could work well for many skiers. However, many users have noted that the glue is a huge problem with this product, failing after just a few tours and rendering the skins useless. With a product that has so many reviews about the glue issues, a lack of functionality, and signs of reduced durability, this might not be the best high traction splitboard skin available on the market today.

Black Diamond UltraLite Mix STS Climbing Skin

The Black Diamond UltraLite Mix STS Climbing Skin is supposed to make your days on the mountain easier – unfortunately, this product does not always deliver. There are many reports of the skins peeling off the skis after only minimal use, the skins not being as sticky as other options, and many issues with durability, glide, and glue performance. Even though the skins are lightweight and transport easily, you should make sure you are comfortable with the reported downsides before purchasing.

Backcountry Access Magic Carpet Skins

The Backcountry Access Magic Carpet Skins are reliable skins for all conditions, with a smooth glide and a good grip. The glue is very sticky–almost too sticky, in fact– which means you should prepare to use some muscle when separating them, especially when the skins are new. The skins are durable, even in rocky terrain, but the weak point is the back clip, which can be awkward to use, although it will fit most ski styles.

Backcountry x G3 Alpinist Climbing Skin

The Backcountry G3 Alpinist Universal Climbing Skins know how to do their job. The full nylon design coupled with sticky glue make them a grippy workhorse. However, this comes with a weight penalty that less burly skins don’t impose. Nonetheless, the skins’ versatility and ease-of-use make them a trustworthy option.

G3 Alpinist Climbing Skin

The G3 Alpinist Climbing Skin is a versatile do-it-all skin that has great flexibility to fit all skis and much-loved tip and tail fasteners. With good gripping power and a great glide, especially for an all-nylon skin, these skins are easy to use and last for a long time. The major complaint with these skins is the glue, which has a habit of sticking to skis and globbing up, making them less than ideal, although they still are a good product for a reasonable price.