Fritschi Freeride Binding

The Fritschi Freeride binding is a classic frame bindings that allows the backcountry skier to use their resort or backcountry boots. While tech bindings are lighter, the Fritschis are stronger and more versatile.

Black Diamond Carbon Whippet Ski Pole

The Black Diamond Carbon Whippet Ski Pole is an invaluable tool for ski and splitboard touring in steep terrain with firm snow. The whippet allows for the axe to be easily removed and re-attached in the field, providing safety, security and flexibility.

G3 Ion 10 & 12 Binding

The G3 Ion 10 & 12 Binding is a mid-weight tech binding that has a robust and reliable feature set. It’s biggest strength is the ease with which the toe piece can be stepped into. The Ion strikes a very nice balance between weight and performance.

Dynafit ST Radical Binding

The Dynafit ST Radical Binding is reliable and equipped with robust safety features. Unlike many tech bindings, the ST Radical meets industry standards for release values. For those seeking a reliable and secure touring binding, this is an excellent choice.

Elan Ripstick 96 Skis

The Elan Ripstick 96 skis are fun, playful and makes turning so easy it feels “automatic.” While the ski performs well on and off-trail, it really shines on the groomers. For those looking for the highest on-trail performance without losing the ability to go off-piste, the Ripstick 96 is a great choice.

Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis

The Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis are fun and playful. They prefer shorter radius turns and dominate off-piste terrain. While they hold a fine edge on groomers, they are built to play on the whole mountain.