Smith Variance MIPS Helmet

The Smith Variance MIPS Helmet is an affordable yet well featured helmet. While it is a little heavier and less ventilated than some higher-end options, the Variance provides a good look with solid protection for a reasonable price.

Backcountry Access Magic Carpet Skins

The Backcountry Access Magic Carpet Skins are reliable skins for all conditions, with a smooth glide and a good grip. The glue is very sticky–almost too sticky, in fact– which means you should prepare to use some muscle when separating them, especially when the skins are new. The skins are durable, even in rocky terrain, but the weak point is the back clip, which can be awkward to use, although it will fit most ski styles.

Backcountry x G3 Alpinist Climbing Skin

The Backcountry G3 Alpinist Universal Climbing Skins know how to do their job. The full nylon design coupled with sticky glue make them a grippy workhorse. However, this comes with a weight penalty that less burly skins don’t impose. Nonetheless, the skins’ versatility and ease-of-use make them a trustworthy option.

Yakima LoadWarrior

The Yakima LoadWarrior is a simple solution to the age old problem of what to do when you run out of space in the car– you put stuff on the roof! With a durable make and simple assembly, this roof box can hold all kinds of oddly shaped items and up to 140 pounds, making it convenient for camping trips or keeping dirty things out of the car. Like most roof racks, this will lower gas mileage and adds some wind noise, but it is one of the most quality racks out there, and fits well onto smaller cars.

Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Binding

The Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Binding is a rock solid option for resort skiers. The cherry on top is that the binding can also accept numerous alpine touring boots, as well. This makes it possible to use your heavy-duty ski area boots or your lighter weight backcountry boots in this binding. Additionally, the shock absorption, adjustability, and durability make this a top choice for any level of skier on the mountain.

G3 Alpinist Climbing Skin

The G3 Alpinist Climbing Skin is a versatile do-it-all skin that has great flexibility to fit all skis and much-loved tip and tail fasteners. With good gripping power and a great glide, especially for an all-nylon skin, these skins are easy to use and last for a long time. The major complaint with these skins is the glue, which has a habit of sticking to skis and globbing up, making them less than ideal, although they still are a good product for a reasonable price.

Smith Squad XL Chromapop Goggles

The Smith Squad XL Chromapop Goggles is sharp looking and fits most helmets and faces comfortably. Their wide field of vision and anti-fogging technology are noteworthy. While there are more expensive options with better lenses on the market, these are one of the more popular goggles seen on the slopes for a reason.

G3 ION 12 Binding

The G3 ION 12 Binding is a great choice for skiers who will mainly be touring and want adjustability and reliability. The simple, yet functional design, make this binding suitable for all levels of alpine touring skiers.

Smith Variance Helmet

The Smith Variance Helmet is a very comfortable helmet with the safety technology of a much pricier lid. The helmet keeps the head warm on cold days, and can be easily adjusted with the Boa system, although that is also the least durable part of the helmet. The fit is stylish, and has all the basics of a good helmet, especially for resort skiing: all-day comfort, warmth, adjustability, and safety.