Patagonia Organic Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover Sweatshirt – Women’s

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Universal Ranking

PeakScore: N/A (out of 100)
User Rating: 4.6 stars 
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Number of Ratings Reviewed: 272

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy:

User Reviews

  • Soft and very comfortable.
  • Stylish for the outdoors or for around the town.
  • Variety of colors available.
  • Snap-collar provides style.
  • Relaxed fit is beneficial for layering.
  • Good all-season weight and warmth.
  • Quilted pattern is stylish.
  • Snap-collar blocks the wind from neck and face.
  • Good for layering under jackets and over shirts if you buy a size up.
  • Multiple reports of material being soft and warm.

Expert Reviews

  • Versatile fleece made of 79% cotton and 21% polyester, providing comfort and warmth.
  • ‘Regular’ fit provides a fit that is comfortable, but not too snug.
  • Diamond quilted pattern is on the inside and outside of the pullover.
  • Collar can stay up in the winter or be folded down during warmer temperatures.
  • Patagonia supports sustainable agriculture.
  • Provides warmth despite medium thickness.
  • Uses organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • If you buy true to size, the sleeves may be too short.
  • Some reports of a ‘boxy’ fit, with a short torso and shorter sleeves.
  • Shrinks after washing since the pullover is mostly cotton.
  • Some reports of washing making the pullover prone to wear and tear.
  • The new fit is shorter in the torso and the waistband is thicker.
  • Instances of stitching coming out of the quilted seams.
  • Fit is different than previous models, which can lead to issues in determining sizing.

Expert Reviews

  • Arms could be slightly long if you size-up due to short torso and layering ability.
  • Expensive, but worth it if you like the quality.
  • This jacket is made of cotton, which loses its insulating abilities when wet. As a result, this jacket is best for “around town” use.


The Patagonia Organic Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover Sweatshirt for women is a popular staple, with the comfy fleece, stylish design, and relaxed fit making this a top choice for lounging around or for a mild-temperature day outside. The snap-collar and variety of color choices lead this to be an ideal choice for style, comfort, and warmth, but the cotton fabric and limited technical specs make this not ideal for outdoor activities.


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