KEEN Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot – Men’s

We’ve read the reviews across the web for the KEEN Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot – Men’s and summarize the results below:

Universal Ranking

PeakScore: 85 (out of 100)
User Rating: 4.4 stars 
Expert Rating: 4 stars

Number of Ratings Reviewed: 494

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy:

User Reviews

  • Very wide toe-box adding to roominess and comfort.
  • Air vents for breathability.
  • Weight and underfoot support is a nice balance between a trail runner and a heavy-duty hiking boot, allowing for versatility.
  • Low break-in time and comfortable.
  • Provides great traction on most outdoor surfaces.
  • Soft heel bed and supportive shoe.
  • Base is narrow and the sole is flexible, which is good for narrow-feet.
  • Laces stay tight during use.
  • Dries quickly.
  • More ankle support than a trail runner.
  • Fits true-to-size.

Expert Reviews

  • Lacing system locks in mid-foot and heel securely.
  • No pressure or chaffing spots.
  • Sole features aggressive 4mm lugs for helping with traction, and a shank for torsional stability.
  • The second lace loop is tied under the ankle bone to a point on the back of the heel, which provides secure footing.
  • The upper hook locks the laces in place, allowing you to tie them without slipping off.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • The mold is curved upward at the toe, resulting in not letting the foot lay flat.
  • Lace retainers are made of plastic, instead of metal, hindering durability.
  • Reports of falling apart after 6 months of use.
  • Less sole equals less support.
  • Not waterproof at all and barely water-resistant due to lacing system and ventilation.

Expert Reviews

  • Low vents allow water to seep in through shallow puddles when walking.
  • Black outer sole may come off and the grey inner sole can come off as well.
  • Not a lot of protection besides the toe protector.
  • Voyageur’s strap-based design doesn’t adequately conform to a foot shape.
  • Can pinch around the top of the foot where the boot’s contour proved to be problematic.
  • Lugs are too shallow for off-trail hiking on slopes or on-trail hiking in poor conditions.
  • Not for stream-crossings or rain.


The KEEN Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot for men is for those who prefer a balance between a heavier-duty hiking shoe and a lightweight trail-running shoe. The laces, comfort, and flexibility make this shoe suited for shorter day-hikes, but the lack of waterproofing and support make this shoe not preferred for multi-day hikes or bad weather.


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