Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 Tent: 2-Person 3-Season

We’ve read the reviews across the web for the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 Tent: 2-Person 3-Season and summarize the results below:

Universal Ranking

PeakScore: 85 (out of 100)
User Rating: 4.3 stars 
Expert Rating: 4.1 stars

Number of Ratings Reviewed: 154

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy:

User Reviews

  • Easy to set up for added efficiency.
  • Very lightweight for easy transporting and carrying.
  • Works well in warm weather due to the lightweight and breathable material.
  • The weight and volume work very well for a spacious, one-person tent.
  • Contains two door openings for two people to easily get in and out of the tent quickly.

Expert Reviews

  • Very lightweight for carrying long distances.
  • The media pockets feature headphone cord routing for ample functionality.
  • A great choice for beginners since it is easy to use and set-up.
  • The tent fabric is breathable for ample ventilation on warm days.
  • One of the lightest two-door designs on the market.
  • Features two interior mesh pockets for easy storage of small gear.
  • Contains plenty of headroom for a spacious interior.
  • The large doors have dual zippers that allow you to open one side at a time.
  • The vertical sidewalls increase the interior space to move around.
  • Has a double-wall construction so you can choose whether to use the various parts together or independently.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • The fly door zipper can catch on the nylon flap and become annoying to the user.
  • The floor is very thin and not the most durable when compared to other options.

Expert Reviews

  • The tent can be somewhat hard to pitch in a short amount of time if you are on uneven ground and unstable terrain.
  • Wind can pick up dirt and debris and place it inside of the tent due to the mesh outer fabric.
  • The stakes are not high-quality and durable, meaning they will not be very long-lasting.
  • Not the most inexpensive option on the market in terms of ultralight tents.
  • Not the best choice to use during inclement weather or tough conditions.


The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 Tent: 2-Person 3-Season is a lightweight, breathable, and spacious option that works well for long-distance hiking and warm-weather conditions. Despite lacking in durability and not providing enough protection for intense weather and cold climates, this tent could be a good choice for summer hiking.


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