Patagonia SST Fishing Jacket – Men’s

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User Reviews

  • Lightweight for easy layering during cold conditions.
  • Durable for long-lasting use over multiple seasons in tough conditions.
  • The fit is true to size for added user-friendliness when purchasing online.
  • The length is long enough to keep water out of your waders, but does not impede any motion during deep-water wading.
  • The wader loop adds functionality and adjustability.
  • The fabric is supple on your shoulders to improve your range of motion.
  • The large chest pockets securely hold valuable items.
  • Keeps you warm and dry during strong winds and precipitation.

Expert Reviews

  • The new zippers are easy to use while wearing gloves, increasing user-friendliness.
  • The hood protects your head and face while still allowing you to have a clear field of vision.
  • Lightweight for easy layering depending on the weather conditions.
  • Breathable to prevent sweat or moisture build-up.
  • Keeps you dry during prolonged precipitation for added weather protection.
  • The cuffs help keep water out and keep your sleeves dry while in the water.
  • The hood is easily adjustable to create a snug fit around your face.
  • Contains small zippered pockets inside to securely hold small valuables.
  • Features big velcro pockets on the front to hold large gear items.

Reasons NOT to buy:

Expert Reviews

  • The hand-warmer pockets are not very soft or warm to keep your hands warm in cold conditions.


The Patagonia SST Fishing Jacket for men is a lightweight, protective, and highly functional jacket designed for keeping all of your fishing gear safe and secure. By keeping you and your gear dry and warm during cold days on the water, this jacket is clearly designed well.


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