Chrome Mini Metro 20L Messenger Bag

The Chrome Mini Metro 20L Messenger Bag is a durable, secure, and functional bag that works well while cycling to and from work. Despite being a little bulky for smaller-framed users and lacking some internal laptop padding, we think this mini metro bag is a good choice for those who want to bring some gear to the office in an ergonomic, comfortable, and highly-adjustable bag.

Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag

The Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag is designed for bicycle commuters and couriers, but motorcyclists, walking students and travelers also like it. This bag is durable, and should last for years of regular use. Your laptop and papers will stay dry in a downpour or snowstorm, though you may have trouble fitting a 17 inch laptop with anything else in the bag. Not the cheapest bag, but durability and comfort are worth the price.