Sterling CanyonPrime Canyoneering Rope

The Sterling CanyonPrime Canyoneering Rope is a durable, water-resistant, and lightweight option that works well for a variety of conditions. With its high-quality material and quick-drying nature, this rope works well for use in tough weather conditions.

Sterling Canyon C-IV Rope – 9mm

The Sterling Canyon C-IV Rope – 9mm is a durable, weather-resistant, and lighter-weight rope that is well-suited for those who specialize in canyoneering and want an all-around option. Despite a lack of reviews and the longer break-in time, this rope provides a good feel for beginners, resists wear-and-tear, and is easy to handle.

Edelweiss Canyon EverDry Static Rope – 9.6mm

The Edelweiss Canyon EverDry Static Rope – 9.6mm is specifically designed for use in canyoneering, and is water resistant for lightness and durability. This rope handles easily, even out of the box, but requires a soak before using, as there will be a small amount of shrinkage. All in all, this rope is a good value for the price and a great option for beginner cannoneers, and even those who would like to do a bit of top-roping, although there is too much stretch for use on lead climbing.