Black Diamond Touchstone Haul Bag

The Black Diamond Touchstone Haul Bag is a durable, convenient, and functional option that works well for those who want an easy-to-use pack. Despite not being completely waterproof and lacking some features, the simplicity of this pack is what makes it appealing to some users. This haul bag could be a good choice for those who want a versatile and sleek bag, although it might be too small for single haul users.

Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag

The Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag is a durable, functional, and lightweight option that is great for cragging, all-day trips, and various outdoor activities. We recommend using this bag to carry gear for one day, or for transporting awkwardly shaped and heavy items you might not place in a usual backpack. It also can be used as a smaller secondary haul bag for longer trips. Despite not being watertight and not as big for some who need to pack ample gear, this is a great all-day excursion pack.

Black Diamond Creek 50L Haul Bag

The Black Diamond Creek 50L Haul Bag is big enough for all of your gear at the crag, and sturdy enough for years of hard use on and off the wall. With a smart and durable design, the Creek 50L holds just about everything you may need, with useful organizer pockets for easy access to smaller things. Despite the technical design, the pack also carries weight well, for comfortable approaches. While there are some small features that users miss, the overall consensus is that this is one of the best haul bags you can get, and one that will hold up for years to come.