7mesh Industries Glidepath Short – Men’s

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Universal Ranking

PeakScore: 87 (out of 100)
User Rating: 4.8 stars 
Expert Rating: 3.2 stars

Number of Ratings Reviewed: 18

Pros & Cons

Reasons to buy:

User Reviews

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Fits very well and moves with you.
  • Pockets are convenient and hold your items securely.
  • Versatile due to lighter weight, storage, and flexibility.
  • Very comfortable for long days on the trail.

Expert Reviews

  • Uses 4-way stretch fabric in the crotch and 2-way stretch in the legs for ample mobility.
  • Durable and quick to dry.
  • Two hand pockets are great for convenient storage.
  • Abrasion-resistant to remain durable and protective.
  • DWR coating to protect against light precipitation.
  • On the longer side and can easily fit over knee-pads.
  • The pockets are convenient and don’t get in the way of riding.

Reasons NOT to buy:

User Reviews

  • Some issues with the legs fitting too loosely if the waist is the correct fit.

Expert Reviews

  • Despite being flexible, some of the material is kind of crinkly.
  • Not the softest material, but not abrasive either.
  • Fairly expensive considering they don’t come with a liner.
  • Not as light as some other options.


The 7mesh Industries Glidepath Short for men is a flexible, abrasion-resistant, and comfortable option that is well-suited for long days on the trail and ample mobility. Despite being fairly expensive and not the lightest option on the market, the free-moving fit, convenient storage pockets, and DWR-coating make this a versatile and durable short.


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