Giordana NX-G Bib Shorts with Cirro-S Insert – Men’s

The Giordana NX-G Bib Shorts with Cirro-S Insert for men are high-quality, comfortable, and breathable shorts that provide ample temperature regulation and mobility for all-day use in the saddle. Even though these are some of the most expensive bib shorts on the market, high-quality materials and construction, performance capabilities, and wicking fabric can justify the high price point.

Assos iG.falkenZahn Vest – Men’s

The Assos iG.falkenZahn Vest for men is a warm, protective, and high-performance product that is a good choice for serious cyclists who don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for a high-quality and long-lasting vest. This vest provides ample storage space, wind protection, and temperature regulation in a wide variety of temperatures, making this a versatile choice that could be good for those who ride in all weather conditions.

Blueseventy Core Shorts – Men’s

The Blueseventy Core Shorts for men is a flexible, high-performance, and functional pair of shorts that can help intermediate and expert swimmers hone their form. Despite the sizing running small and not being the best for beginner swimmers, these shorts can work well for those who want feedback on how to properly use their hips during the strokes, and how to stay fully buoyant during training.