Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe – Women’s

The Evolv Shakra Climbing Shoe for women is a versatile, comfortable, and supportive shoe that is specifically designed for women with low volume feet. Despite some issues with sizing and lack of proficiency in edging or crack climbing, this climbing shoe provides enough versatility for bouldering, various outdoor routes, and vertical climbs.

Evolv The General Climbing Shoe

The Evolv The General Climbing Shoe is a performance-oriented shoe that works well for crack and technical climbing. If you are a serious climber who wants a stiff shoe, and are not concerned about a minimal break-in period, this shoe can provide versatility, ample grip, and edging performance.

Evolv X1 Climbing Shoe

The Evolv X1 Climbing Shoe is a versatile, comfortable, and moderately-aggressive shoe that works well for steep terrain, indoor routes, and slabs. The ability of this shoe to work on various routes makes it a great option for advanced climbers who frequently change between indoor and outdoor climbing. Despite some issues with the heel and the sizing running small, this is well-suited for advanced climbers in need of an all-around shoe.

Evolv Oracle Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Oracle Climbing Shoe is a downturned, versatile, and secure option that can be efficiently used on various types of routes, like bouldering, sport, vertical walls, and heel-hooking sections. The lack of rubber makes this not the best choice for toe-hooking specific routes, but the stiffer sole, aggressive shape, and snug lacing system all provide a stable, powerful, and reliable shoe, that can be used for multiple types of climbing.

Evolv Agro Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Agro climbing shoe is an exceptionally sensitive and grippy shoe that performs well on aggressive sport and bouldering routes. While finding the correct size may be difficult due to the tight toe box, the snug heel and effective velcro tightening system will give you a precise fit in your correct size. Good high-friction rubber coverage across the toe and heel allow for great toe and heel hook ability, making this an amazing shoe for steep and technical routes.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe is a versatile shoe that people love for its comfort in an aggressive style. Made with sticky rubber and a “love bump” to keep toes towards the front of the shoe in comfort, they are enjoyed most while bouldering, but make a good all-around shoe, especially for those just getting interested in an aggressive style. The fit can be fickle though, so try these shoes on before buying and be aware that, after a break-in period, they will stretch considerably.