Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness Improved – Women’s

The Metolius Safe Tech Deluxe Harness Improved for women is a comfortable, adjustable, and versatile option that can keep you supported in a wide range of climbing conditions. With a padded waist belt, adjustable rise, and heavy-duty materials, this durable harness may not be the lightest on the market, but it does inspire user confidence while hanging around for hours.

Metolius Freerider

The Metolius Freerider is a durable, functional, and lightweight pack that works well for carrying a full day’s worth of climbing gear. With a secure suspension system, durable outer material, and stiff construction that makes it easy to find your gear while at the wall, this is a great choice for a serious climber.

Metolius Safe Tech All-Around Harness – Men’s

The Metolius Safe Tech All-Around Harness for men is a durable, adjustable, and comfortable harness that works well in a variety of conditions. With this harness, it provides plenty of abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and protection during all-day use, making a versatile choice for any level of climber.

Metolius Ultralight Curve Nut Packaged Set #1-10

The Metolius Ultralight Curve Nut Packaged Set #1-10 is a lightweight, functional, and secure set that is great for those who want to save on weight without limiting the functionality. Despite being more expensive than other options, this is a good choice for trad climbers who want versatility due to the various sizing options, and easy placement due to the two grooved sides.

Metolius Ultralight TCU Packaged Sets

The Metolius Ultralight TCU is a classic design that persists because it works well, and the ultralight upgrade makes it one of the lightest sets available. Easy to use and with smooth action, the Ultralight TCU offers good range and is an ideal fit for clean cracks in granite, as they can walk a bit in rougher scars. Even though these are very lightweight, they will hold up for years of hard use, especially with some regular maintenance, making the already reasonably-priced pieces worth the money.

Metolius Mega Pack Hold Sets

The Metolius Mega Pack Hold Sets is designed for those looking to build their first climbing wall without spending too much money. It is convenient and cost effective. However, the simple nature of the product does come with a downside, which includes hold designs lacking in creativity and a tricky installation.