Redington Predator Rod

The Redington Predator Rod is a durable, versatile, and performance-oriented option that comes at an affordable price. With accuracy for long and short casts, this rod is strong enough to bring in big fish.

Redington Rise Series Spool

The Redington Rise Series Spool is a functional, easy-to-use, and high-quality option that is stylish and effective for long-term use over multiple fishing seasons. With an easy ability to guide the line and change the spool between sides, this Rise Series spool makes it easy to customize the fishing rod and reel to your complete specifications.

Redington Behemoth Series Fly Reel

The Redington Behemoth Series Fly Reel is a heavy-duty, efficient, and fairly-priced reel that provides high-quality for an affordable price. Despite some complaints about durability after dropping it and some users not liking the V-shaped spool, the easy handling, easy-to-use functionality, and good feel while using makes this a good choice for those who want a strong and functional reel.

Redington Sonic-Pro Wader – Men’s

The Redington Sonic-Pro Wader for men is a great choice for fishermen needing a functional, warm, comfortable, and durable wader. The multitude of pockets and technical specs make this a good choice for any serious fisherman out on the water.

Redington Rise Series Fly Reel

The Redington Rise Series Fly Reel is a lightweight, well-constructed flywheel well-suited for freshwater. The reel has a smooth drag and is strong and durable, but the drag is not fully sealed, which means that it can get bumpy when there is too much debris in it. All in all, this is a reliable reel that offers a lightweight feel and smooth action for years.

Redington Willow River Wader – Women’s

The Redington Willow River Wader for women provides a comfortable, flattering, and lightweight option for female fishermen who want a functional and adjustable set of waders. The lack of a waterproof pocket is a downside, but the mobility and water-resistance provided make these waders a solid choice.