Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter Pedals

The Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter Pedals are easy to set up and that’s where the good news ends. The multiple issues with battery life, battery door mechanics, right pedal disconnections, and data connection problems make this an unreliable product that we would not recommend for any level of cyclist, especially since it is an expensive choice for a widely criticized product.

Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals

Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals are lightweight, reliable, and so low-mantainece that they are easy to live with and easy to forget about. With a secure feel and good power transfer, it is simple to ride in these pedals, and quick to adjust when needed. Although some might find clipless pedals tricky at first, they do offer increased ease of use, and their durability will allow you to use them for years to come.