Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe

The Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe is a combination of an aggressive and comfortable shoe, creating a great all-around choice for various climbing styles, both indoor and outdoor. The mixture of sticky rubber, adjustable straps, and a snug fit allow this shoe to be proficient at smearing, edging, and bouldering, although the exposed seam on the toe rubber may concern experts who frequently toe-hook.

Scarpa Vapor Climbing Shoe

The Scarpa Vapor Climbing Shoe is a powerful and comfortable option, that effectively combines precision and stiffness with flexibility, making this shoe suitable for various types of climbing. The ability of this shoe in terms of crack climbing, smearing, and technical climbing allows most climbers to excel with this shoe, although some experts may prefer a more aggressive option.

La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe

The La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe is a great all-around shoe that performs extremely well on edging, steep terrain, and crack climbing. The strength of the sole, low-volume heel, and lacing structure make this a great choice for any level of climber who wants a shoe for various types of climbing. We recommend trying this shoe on before buying, since the shape and fit may cause some users to develop cramps across the mid-foot area.

Scarpa Instinct S Climbing Shoe – Vibram XS Grip2

The Scarpa Instinct S Climbing Shoe with Vibram XS Grip2 rubber is a comfortable and exceedingly sensitive shoe that excels on steep to overhanging terrain. The Instinct S offers a precise toe and great edging capabilities, but the slipper style does not offer great stability for heel-hooks, and the durability is questionable for the sticky rubber. The Instinct S requires some breaking in to achieve the best fit and stick, but it is an all-around favorite once it becomes well-adjusted.

Tenaya Iati Climbing Shoe

The Tenaya Iati Climbing Shoe is a moderately downturned shoe loved for its comfort out of the box and the stability that its unique lacing system offers. The Iati offers sticky rubber and stability in small holds, but does not excel at smearing or edging. It is comfortable, breathable, and a great option for those looking for an all-around shoe that can be worn for hours and forms well to the foot.

Scarpa Instinct Climbing Shoe -XS Edge

The Scarpa Instinct Climbing Shoe -XS Edge is a shoe that is well-loved for its high performance on edging and heel hooking, making it a good fit for sport climbs, bouldering, and overhangs. Although it requires a longer-than-normal break-in period, many users find this worth it for the snug heel fit, sensitive toe, and the good balance of stiffness and flexibility in the sole. While this shoe is not ideal for beginner climbers, more experienced climbers looking for a grippy and snug-fitting shoe are likely to find a lot of happiness in the Instinct.

Tenaya Tarifa Climbing Shoe

The Tenaya Tarifa Climbing Shoe is a multifaceted, comfortable, and narrow option that can perform well on edging, bouldering, and slab climbing routes. The combination of stiffness and flexibility allows this to be a versatile choice for any level climber. The durability isn’t the best due to the flexible feel, and the sizing issues may cause some problems when buying, but if you are looking for a snug all-around option, this is a great choice.

Black Diamond Shadow Climbing Shoe

The Black Diamond Shadow Climbing Shoe is a lightweight, precise, and snug shoe that provides a balance between aggressive shape and flexibility, allowing for versatility to use on a variety of climbing routes. The ample rubber on the heel and the toe section allows for toe and heel-hooking, while the lightweight upper keeps the shoe breathable, and flexible enough to balance out the aggressive shape.

Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe

The Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe is great for those with wider feet who want a comfortable, toe-hooking, and downturned climbing shoe, without worrying about heel-hooking problems. The limited breathability and heel-hook ability may deter some intense outdoor climbers, but the adequate toe rubber, proficiency on smearing and edging, and downturned shape will suit most climbers.