Big Agnes Three Forks Shelter

The Big Agnes Three Forks Shelter is a lightweight, packable, and durable option that is specifically-suited for beach days and short weekend excursions. With an easy to set up construction, this shelter can accommodate a few people who want to get away from the elements. We recommend trying this shelter before purchasing it, as it might not provide enough shade and wind protection for tougher conditions.

Black Diamond Beta Light Shelter: 2-Person

The Black Diamond Beta Ultralight Shelter for 2 people is a lightweight, versatile, and protective option, that is well-suited for two people who want plenty of room, protection, and versatility in various weather conditions. The ability of this shelter to provide comfort and strength at a minimal weight makes it a good choice for those who want to travel light and fast.

Tepui Awning

The Tepui Awning is an easily transportable cover that protects against light wind and sun, but has various negative reviews that raise questions about the durability of this product. Despite being easy to install and bring with you on trips, the reports of faulty products arriving, damaged pieces being shipped, and not coming with anything to attach the awning to your roof-rack unfortunately make this not a great option.

Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter: 4-Person

The Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter for four people is a moderately lightweight and spacious pyramid tent suitable for everything from an emergency shelter, to cooking tent, to basecamp sleeping tent, and works in any climate, weather, and setting. Although this tent offers minimal protection from critters and bugs, it works well to defend against rain, snow, and wind, particularly with an added groundsheet and some creative thinking. Although not the lightest shelter on the market, the price makes it a bargain for the size and ease of assembly, although beware, it does not come seam-sealed and must be done by hand.