Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System

The Kuat Trio Fork Mount Roof System is an easy-to-use, compatible, and lightweight option that works well for those who want to load and unload their bikes quickly. Despite being tedious to take off the vehicle, if you frequently use a roof system and want to leave the Trio Fork on your car for prolonged periods of time, this can be a good way to efficiently transport any type of bike.

RockyMounts TieRod Bike Mount

The RockyMounts TieRod Bike Mount is a versatile, functional, and highly-compatible option that works with a variety of bikes and crossbars. Car and bike owners who need a secure, easy to use, and a quick-installing option will like this choice of bike mount. If you frequently take your bike on trips, then this bike mount could be a good option for you due to the long-lasting construction, secure locks, and aerodynamic shape.

Yakima Fork Lift Bike Carrier

The Yakima Fork Lift Bike Carrier is a fork-mount bike rack that attaches easily to square, round or factory crossbars and secures your ride, whether you have rim or disc brakes. A couple of drawbacks are that the locking mechanisms must be secured even when not in use, and you will need an adapter for 15mm or 20 mm forks. If you have a low-profile vehicle and are looking for a roof-mounted bicycle carrier, this is a slick and adjustable carrier.

RockyMounts BrassKnuckles Upright Mount

The RockyMounts BrassKnuckles Upright Mount is a high-quality, durable, adjustable, and easy-to-use mount. The burly materials and top-notch construction make this a great choice for cyclists who frequently transport their bikes. The lack of locks provided and less secure holding may deter some, but if you install properly and buy heavy-duty locks to go along with the system, this is a safe and reliable mount that can withstand prolonged use.

Yakima Frontloader Bike Mount

The Yakima Frontloader Bike Mount does not require the bike’s front wheel to be removed and is very easy to install, making it exceedingly convenient. While this rack is beloved by many, there are concerns about durability, including the front tightening knob breaking after some use, rusting, and broken straps, with some of these problems leading to lost bikes off of cars. Despite this, many continue to prefer this bike rack because of its ease in loading for shorter cars, although it is not suitable for fat bikes, and has a lot of wind noise.