Arc’teryx FL-365 Harness

The Arc’teryx FL-365 Harness is a functional, mobile, and comfortable option that is versatile for a variety of climbing conditions. Despite being expensive and a little heavy for longer approaches, this harness can be compacted to travel easily, distribute weight evenly, and provides safety and security.

Misty Mountain Cadillac Harness

The Misty Mountain Cadillac Harness is an adjustable, functional, and long-lasting option that is best suited for long and trad routes, due to the ample storage and convenience provided. Since it is a heavier option that has multiple gear loops, it wouldn’t be the best option for sport and gym climbing, or climbers who want to travel light. For those who want easy customization of fit, a full range of motion, and functional storage, then this option is great for you.

Arc’teryx AR-385a Harness – Women’s

The Arc’teryx AR-385a Harness for women is an easy-to-slip-on, mobile, and functional option for climbers who prefer to quickly transition between climbing styles instead of spending numerous hours hanging in a harness. The thinner leg loops may be uncomfortable over long periods of time, so this harness is best used for light and fast expeditions.

Petzl Calidris Harness

The Petzl Calidris Harness is a top choice for climbers wanting a comfortable, breathable, and adjustable harness for big wall climbs. We recommend trying the harness on before buying due to lack of sizes, but once you find the right fit, this is a good option for any type of climbing and any level of climber.

Arc’teryx AR-395a Harness

The Arc’teryx AR-395a Harness is made to be your best friend on all pitches, glaciers, and everything in between, and it lives up to that expectation. With a light build and superior comfort for its weight, this harnesses is designed to hold enough gear for a multi-pitch climb while being comfortable enough to belay in or wear under a backpack. While the leg loops are the weak point in terms of comfort and size, most users are willing to look past this for the superior comfort that the harness offers in the waist and its overall durability and usefulness.

Black Diamond Big Gun Harness

The Black Diamond Big Gun Harness shines on multi-pitch trad routes because of its maximized padding and comfort, gear loops, and double belay loop. While there are debates about the usefulness of many smaller gear loops instead of a few larger ones, many users like the option for increased organization with the Big Gun’s smaller loops. Although this is an overall much-appreciated and lauded harness, it is important to pay attention to the sizing for the best possible fit, especially as the “unisex fit” is likely more geared towards male bodies.