Tepui Kukenam Sky Tent: 3-Person 4-Season

The Tepui Kukenam Sky Tent: 3-Person 4-Season is a great option for those who love car camping and have a durable vehicle to go the distance. The comfort provided make this a great option for those who don’t want to sleep on the ground or spend too much setup time, but still want the freedom to sleep outside and find some seclusion. The durability, breathability, and functionality make this a top choice.

Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

The Eureka Alpenlite 2XT Tent is a well-loved, 2-person, 4-season tent that performs just as well as its competitors for a fraction of the price. Many Alpenlite owners say this tent is “bombproof,” capable of withstanding constant rain, high winds and snow over many years. The Alpenlite performs well in a wide range of temperatures due to its many ventilation ports, and is an excellent, versatile choice if you can shoulder 8 lbs.

Black Diamond Eldorado Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

The Black Diamond Eldorado Tent: 2-Person 4-Season is a top-of-the-line four-season tent that is light enough to take on extended high alpine adventures and durable enough to trust. The somewhat limited ventilation makes this not the best choice for backpacking in humid conditions, but the versatility and toughness make it a great choice for any other intense adventure.

Black Diamond Ahwahnee Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

The Black Diamond Ahwahnee Tent: 2-Person 4-Season offers lots of headroom and great protection from foul weather, and is made to last. With two large doors that offer good ventilation and views, and fully waterproof walls, this tent is well-suited for four-season adventures, although it is not ideal for very windy conditions if not set up very carefully against the wind. The internal pole system has a learning curve, but many users like the design once they have some practice setting it up, and stand by the high price of this tent for its durability and weatherproofing.

Marmot Tungsten Tent: 3-Person 3-Season

The Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent is a great 3 season tent for the beginner backpacker looking for their first quality tent, or an avid car camper looking for something smaller and easier. This awesome tent comes with everything you need including the fly and footprint, and its biggest draw is its luxurious roominess with vertical sidewalls, 40 sq ft of space, and 46 inch peak height. This tent may not be the lightest shelter around, but for the price, it’s a great start for high end quality.

Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter: 4-Person

The Black Diamond Mega Light Shelter for four people is a moderately lightweight and spacious pyramid tent suitable for everything from an emergency shelter, to cooking tent, to basecamp sleeping tent, and works in any climate, weather, and setting. Although this tent offers minimal protection from critters and bugs, it works well to defend against rain, snow, and wind, particularly with an added groundsheet and some creative thinking. Although not the lightest shelter on the market, the price makes it a bargain for the size and ease of assembly, although beware, it does not come seam-sealed and must be done by hand.

Marmot Tungsten Tent: 2-Person 3-Season

The Marmot Tungsten Tent: 2-Person 3-Season shines for its roominess, easy assembly, and reasonable price, and has garnered a loyal following throughout the United States. While most reviewers find it very durable and resistant to even heavy winds and rain, several people have mentioned leakiness in rain and fragility in wind. Although not the lightest or most packable tent on the market, it still weighs in under five pounds and provides superior space for the weight due to clever design.