Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Binding

The Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Binding is a durable, lightweight, and performance-oriented option that works well for beginners and experts alike. With extreme adjustability, tough material, and stylish appearance, this binding is versatile enough to work in almost any condition.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boot – Men’s

The ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boot for men is a comfortable, adjustable, and supportive option that provides plenty of cushion to keep your joints ache-free while on the slopes all day long. With versatility to work well for advanced and intermediate users, this boot is a good choice for a variety of snowboarders.

Burton Talent Scout Snowboard – Women’s

The Burton Talent Scout Snowboard for women is a solid, lightweight, and responsive board that combines stiffness and softness for an agile and sturdy feel. With the versatility to work on a variety of conditions and terrains, this board works especially well for those who want a board that can go extremely fast, carve tough edges, and remains consistent throughout the entire run.

Rome Mountain Division Snowboard – Men’s

The Rome Mountain Division Snowboard for men is a responsive, fast, and aggressive option that works well for speed on the downhills and for getting pop off of jumps. Despite not being the best option for beginners or novice boarders, this snowboard works well for experienced athletes who want a stable, stiff, and performance-oriented board.

Scott Patrol E1 40L Airbag Backpack Kit: Pros, Cons & Review

The Scott Patrol E1 40L Airbag Backpack Kit is a more voluminous than average fan airbag system pack. While the backpack itself has some nice features, the real appeal of this pack is the Alpride E1 fan airbag system, which is also available from other brands such as Osprey and Black Diamond. The pack itself has some significant flaws, but for certain users looking for a specific set of features, this could be a good fit.

Now Pilot Snowboard Binding

The Now Pilot Snowboard Binding is an adjustable, secure, and comfortable option that provides customization and responsiveness. With a balance of responsiveness and stiffness that provides ample performance benefits for most users, this could be a good option for beginner and advanced snowboarders alike.

Burton Wheelie Gig Bag

The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is a durable, heavy-duty, and functional option that can carry heavy gear and boards during your travels. Despite lacking some internal organization, if you frequently travel with boards and multiple gear items, this bag will provide ample protection, toughness, and style.

Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Binding

The Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Binding is a lightweight, comfortable, and functional binding that works well on both the ascents and descents. Despite taking a bit longer to get on and off and having some issues with quick adjustments, the splitboard binding is responsive, a good value for the money, and functional in a variety of conditions.

Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Binding

The Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Binding is a comfortable and highly-adjustable binding that works well for those who want a combination of flexibility and support. Despite some users not liking the double-take system, the binding could work well for those who are looking for a versatile binding that is functional in most conditions.