Assos Ss JerseyMilleGT – Men’s

The Assos Ss JerseyMilleGT for men is a lightweight, breathable, and hot-weather top that can keep you cool during long endurance rides. However, this jersey has had sizing issues, with users claiming that the sizing is way too small to order true-to-size. In this case, we recommend trying on before purchasing or sizing-down if ordering online so that you can reap the benefits of this ventilated, snug-fitting, and sweat-wicking jersey.

Assos SS.campionissimoJersey_evo7 Jersey – Short Sleeve – Men’s

Assos SS.campionissimoJersey_evo7 short sleeve jersey for men is a breathable, lightweight, and hot-weather jersey that can regulate your temperature on those tough summer days. Despite being at the high end of the price spectrum, if you frequently cycle on hot days, this jersey can provide all-day comfort, secure storage, a performance-oriented fit, and plenty of mobility for those tough enduro rides.

Giordana SilverLine Classic Short-Sleeve Jersey – Men’s

The Giordana SilverLine Classic Short-Sleeve Jersey for men is a tight-fitting, breathable, and reflective jersey that is best suited for slim cyclists wanting to purchase a high-performance top that will aid in moisture-wicking and wind-proofing. The slim fit and shorter fit may not suit bigger or taller riders, but technical specs make this a good option for serious cyclists looking to improve their times.