Yakima SkyLine Tower System

The Yakima SkyLine Tower System is a durable, secure, and functional option that doesn’t take long to set-up, despite some discrepancies in the instructions. If you are looking for a system with a high weight load that can easily carry two bikes, then this could be a good choice for you, due to the secure hold, easy installation, and easy adjustments.

Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack – 2 Pair

The Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack – 2 Pair is a durable, secure, and long-lasting product that will hold firm to the rack of your car for a long period of time. Despite the instructions being very confusing for set-up, once you get the foot pack properly installed, you won’t have to tighten it again – showing the secure fit, the sturdy hold, and the durability of this high-quality product.

Yakima JetStream Base Rack Bars

Yakima’s JetStream Base Rack Bars are a sleek, aerodynamic way to carry all your gear on top of your car, SUV or pick-up. The extruded aluminum construction is lightweight and sturdy, and the teardrop shape is aerodynamic. Installation is quick if you are familiar with roof mount systems, and they are compatible with a range of tower mounts and accessories.

Yakima CoreBar Base Rack Bars

Yakima CoreBar Base Rack Bars are roof mounted bars that securely carry your bicycles, kayak, cargo box or whatever else you need to haul on your roof. They are aerodynamic and quieter than other roof racks, but you may hear more noise than you might hope, especially over 35 to 45 miles per hour. The rack bars are sturdy, durable and relatively easy to install.

Yakima FatCat EVO 6

The Yakima FatCat EVO 6 is a roof-mounted rack that is quiet, durable, and easy-to-use. While the rack may struggle to actually fit six pairs of wider skis, and becomes harder to use in extreme cold temps, overall satisfaction with the rack is pretty high, making it a good option.

Yakima LoadWarrior

The Yakima LoadWarrior is a simple solution to the age old problem of what to do when you run out of space in the car– you put stuff on the roof! With a durable make and simple assembly, this roof box can hold all kinds of oddly shaped items and up to 140 pounds, making it convenient for camping trips or keeping dirty things out of the car. Like most roof racks, this will lower gas mileage and adds some wind noise, but it is one of the most quality racks out there, and fits well onto smaller cars.