DT Swiss Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit

The DT Swiss Star Ratchet Upgrade Kit is a top-of-the-line option for cyclists looking to upgrade their current systems. The multiple reports of instant gratification and immediate engagement make this a durable and consistently high-quality product that should be on your radar.

Castelli Endurance X2 Bib Short – Men’s

The Castelli Endurance X2 Bib Short for men is a solid choice for cyclists wanting a comfortable, moderately-compressive, and functional short for non-endurance rides. The durability issues prevent this short from being suitable for endurance rides, and the slim shoulder straps are not suitable for some body-types, but the comfortable material makes this bib short a viable option for most cyclists.

Giro Switchblade MIPS Helmet

The Giro Switchblade MIPS Helmet is a technical helmet that focuses on safety for serious mountain bikers. It is well padded and versatile, providing high protection and the ability to use in different conditions. This is a top choice for aggressive riders who push the limits.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet

The Bell Super 3R MIPS Helmet is a great helmet for those who want stability and face protection for burlier rides, but who are not ready to invest in a fully downhill rated piece. This helmet is lighter than DH rated ones, and the removable chin guard makes it very versatile for every day use or more intense rides, with ventilation on the head and chin that makes it suitable for all climates. One thing this helmet excels at is the customizable fit, with the option to take out some or all of the padding in the chin and the easy to use knob adjustment system on the head, although those with larger heads wish it came in an XL size.

Feedback Sports Pro Classic Bicycle Repair Stand

The Feedback Sports Pro Classic Bicycle Repair Stand is a durable and functional piece that is suitable for working on almost any type of bike, and provides the user with a quick set-up and full adjustability. This stand is stable, easy to transport, and a staple for anyone who prefers to fix their bicycles at home.

Giro Empire VR90 Cycling Shoe – Men’s

The Giro Empire VR90 Cycling Shoe for men is an exceptionally lightweight but sturdy shoe made for cyclocross racing but versatile and comfortable enough to be worn on almost any ride. The laces, soft upper, and customizable insole create a built-for-you feel, although this shoe does run narrow, so it is wise to try it on before purchasing. The Vibram sole give extra traction for walking, while the stiff and sturdy platform allows for the efficient energy transfer that has garnered this incredibly light shoe so much praise.

Five Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe – Women’s

The Five Ten Freerider Contact Cycling Shoe for women is a highly breathable shoe with extraordinarily sticky rubber that keeps feet almost glued to the pedals. The softness of the rubber works with the stiff sole to create a sticky shoe with great power transfer, but also compromises on durability, wearing out quickly, especially considering the price. While this shoe is a favorite for its grip on pedals and flexibility for walking, it is not as comfortable as many other models, particularly in the tight toe box, and is overall more appropriate for people with low-volume feet.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack

The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Bike Rack is a light and easy to use bike rack that utilizes space efficiently and stores well when not on a car. The sleek design looks good while being easy to load and take off and on the car. While the rack holds bikes securely and easily, the lightweight design lacks durability in the long term, especially when put on cars where it falls next to the exhaust pipe and can get melted. This rack is not suitable for fat bikes.

Race Face Tailgate Pad

The Race Face Tailgate Pad allows you to transport multiple bikes securely. The functionality, protection, and security provided make this pad a great choice for most truck and bike owners.