POC Orb Clarity Goggles

The POC Orb Clarity Goggles are crystal-clear, secure, and comfortable goggles that stay on your face during all-day use – and remain comfortable while doing so. With an expansive field of vision and high-definition optics, you can feel confident while wearing these stylish goggles on or off of the mountain.

Scott Patrol E1 40L Airbag Backpack Kit: Pros, Cons & Review

The Scott Patrol E1 40L Airbag Backpack Kit is a more voluminous than average fan airbag system pack. While the backpack itself has some nice features, the real appeal of this pack is the Alpride E1 fan airbag system, which is also available from other brands such as Osprey and Black Diamond. The pack itself has some significant flaws, but for certain users looking for a specific set of features, this could be a good fit.

Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Ski Poles

The Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Ski Poles are a lightweight, easy-to-use, and packable option that can work well in steep terrain or on the slopes. However, these poles may not be the best choice for those needing long-term, durable, heavy-duty, or extremely efficient options, as these poles lack durability and a quick-use release pin.

Atomic Vantage 107 Ti Ski

The Atomic Vantage 107 Ti Ski is a lightweight, agile, and versatile ski that works well in powder and tough-ice conditions. If you are an intermediate skier looking to advance to the expert level and need a ski that can keep up with you, the Vantage will provide speed, grip, and stability in one lightweight package.

Anon M3 MFI Goggles

The Anon M3 MFI Goggles are adjustable, functional, and compatible for an easy-to-use and secure option that will stay on your face all-day-long. Despite being at the high end of the price range, these goggles provide seamless integration to secure a snug and comfortable fit.

Yakima BaseLine Adjustable Clamp Tower System

The Yakima BaseLine Adjustable Clamp Tower System is a secure, strong, and compatible option that works well for use on a variety of cars. Despite the installation process being quite a long time, this tower system will securely stay on your car in a wide range of conditions and road surfaces.

Thule Pulse Alpine Cargo Box

The Thule Pulse Alpine Cargo Box is a durable, efficient, and aerodynamic option that can keep your sports gear safe, valuables dry, and fuel efficiency at an all-time high. Despite not having a very high carrying capacity for all of your gear, this cargo box can work well to store skis, poles, and other sporting accessories that would be too bulky to fit in your trunk.

Thule Complete CrossRoad System

The Thule Complete CrossRoad System is a durable, high-quality, and secure system that works well on most cars. Even though this system will make a little bit of whistling noise while driving, if you can put aside the minor issue, you will have a versatile, functional, and heavy-duty system that will last you multiple years.

Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN Ski Boot – Men’s

The Tecnica Cochise 130 DYN Ski Boot for men is a durable, customizable, and adjustable boot that works well for use in tough terrain. Despite being a bit heavy and having a limited ‘walk’ mode, this boot can be used in a variety of activities in tough terrain and weather conditions, showing the versatility and heavy-duty nature of this boot.

Scarpa Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot

The Scarpa Freedom RS Alpine Touring Boot is a versatile, comfortable, and high-quality boot that works well in for uphilling in the resort and sidecountry adventures. Despite being expensive and heavier than other choices, its compatibility, comfort, and ease-of-use make this a good option for those who want a burly and versatile touring boot.