Anon MIG MFI Goggles

The Anon MIG MFI Goggles are comfortable, high-quality, and crystal clear for all-day use doing intense skiing or snowboarding in tough conditions. With soft padding, vision clarity, and various lens options, you have the versatility to remain safe even in the worst weather.

ARVA Neo+ Beacon

The ARVA Neo+ Beacon is a mostly easy-to-use, functional, and feature-filled beacon that has a vast signal range. Despite having a bit of a learning curve when first starting out, once you get used to the buttons and features of this beacon, you will enjoy a user-friendly and well-priced beacon for avalanche and search-and-rescue scenarios.

Yakima MegaWarrior Basket

The Yakima MegaWarrior Basket is a durable, sturdy, and high-quality option that works well for multiple years of carrying extensive gear, camping, and taking weekend trips. For those who need a reliable and secure option that works on a variety of cars, this could be a great choice.

Thule AeroBlade Edge Raised Rail Load Bar – 1 Bar

The Thule AeroBlade Edge Raised Rail Load Bar – 1 Bar is an easy-to-use, compatible, and secure option that can work well on a variety of cars. Despite some concerns of the rubber strap lacking durability, if you frequently use a load bar, this easy-to-install option is good for both beginners and advanced users.

Smith Allure MIPS Helmet

The Smith Allure MIPS Helmet is a durable, protective, and lightweight helmet that will keep you safe and comfortable during long days on the slopes. For beginners and experts alike, the MIPS will fully protect against rotational head impacts, while the speaker compatibility and lightweight material make this a tech-savvy and comfortable option for multiple seasons.

Shred Optics Simplify Goggles

The Shred Optics Simplify Goggles are durable, high-quality, and high-vision for confidence while on the mountain in a wide variety of conditions over multiple seasons. As soon as you get used to the adjustments of the goggles, you will love the protection, adjustability, and peripheral vision that these goggles offer.

Scott Helmet Symbol 2 Plus

The Scott Helmet Symbol 2 Plus is a durable, protective, and well-ventilated helmet that works well in keeping your head safe from rotational impacts and keeping your body temperature at an optimal level during intense exercise. Although you may need to try on this helmet in-person before purchasing, once you find the perfect fit, this helmet will provide ample protection, comfort, and adjustability for all-day use.

Scarpa Alien 1.0 Alpine Touring Boot

The Scarpa Alien 1.0 Alpine Touring Boot is a versatile, functional, and lightweight option that works well for all-day ski mountaineering for a variety of level skiers. For those who need a relatively user-friendly, protective, and comfortable option, this could be the best choice out of all lightweight and carbon fiber boots on the market.

POC Orb Clarity Goggles

The POC Orb Clarity Goggles are crystal-clear, secure, and comfortable goggles that stay on your face during all-day use – and remain comfortable while doing so. With an expansive field of vision and high-definition optics, you can feel confident while wearing these stylish goggles on or off of the mountain.

Scott Patrol E1 40L Airbag Backpack Kit: Pros, Cons & Review

The Scott Patrol E1 40L Airbag Backpack Kit is a more voluminous than average fan airbag system pack. While the backpack itself has some nice features, the real appeal of this pack is the Alpride E1 fan airbag system, which is also available from other brands such as Osprey and Black Diamond. The pack itself has some significant flaws, but for certain users looking for a specific set of features, this could be a good fit.