Hestra Power Heater Glove

The Hestra Power Heater Glove is a glove that is designed to provide three different settings of warmth based on the current outdoor conditions and preferences of the wearer. However, there are some concerns with this heated glove not turning on and working correctly, not providing enough heat during cold weather, and being too snug to fit properly. If you find that the glove provides enough heat for your needs and you try-on before purchasing, this heater glove can be a good choice.

Hestra Heli Ski Junior Glove – Kids’

The Hestra Heli Ski Junior Glove for kids are comfortable, warm, and protective for keeping your children’s hands dry and cozy during cold, wintry days. Despite being on the high end of the price spectrum, you get what you pay for – a durable, weatherproof, and easy-to-use glove that will last multiple seasons.

Hestra Ergo Grip Active Glove – Men’s

The Hestra Ergo Grip Active Glove for men provides a flexible and sensitive option that works well for a variety of activities during the shoulder seasons. Although these may not be warm enough for winter time alpine activities, like skiing and snowboarding, these gloves provide all-day comfort and mobility for most activities.

Hestra Morrison Pro Model Glove – Men’s

Hestra’s Morrison Pro Model Glove for men is a stout yet comfortable glove built for hardcore skiers. The fit is snug at first, with a zipper to aid in putting them on, but will stretch just enough to fit your hands. These gloves need to be treated with leather conditioner to help with water resistance, and will keep most hands warm.

Hestra Army Leather Patrol Glove – Men’s

Hestra’s Army Leather Patrol Glove for men is a compact, close-fitting glove that will keep most people’s hands warm. As the name implies, the glove is designed to provide dexterity for patrol work, or for anyone handling gear throughout the day, with shorter cuffs than other models.

Hestra Power Heater Mitten

The Hestra Power Heater Mitten is a breathable, weatherproof, and comfortable option for keeping your hands warm on the coldest of days. The three heat settings provide versatility and allow you to customize the amount of heat you receive, despite the battery power not lasting super long on the high-heat option. For those who have habitually cold hands and value warmth over weight, this could be a great option.

Hestra Morrison Pro Model 3-Finger Glove – Men’s

The Hestra Morrison Pro Model 3-Finger Glove for men is a high-quality, comfortable, waterproof, and durable glove that is best for those who want a long-lasting and dexterous option that will also keep your hands warm. The high-performance qualities, like a zipper for getting on and off, double leather, and reverse stitching all make this a top-of-the-line option for skiers and snowboarders.

Hestra Henrik Leather Pro Model Mitten – Men’s

The Hestra Henrik Leather Pro Model Mitten for men is a minimalist, lightweight, and durable option for those who want a comfortable mitt for winter use. The struggle of getting the mitten on and off and the higher price point may deter some, but if you prioritize a long-lasting and cozy mitt, then this could be the choice for you.

Hestra Heli Ski Junior Mitten – Kids’

The Hestra Heli Ski Junior Mitten for kids is a warm and durable option for children who will be spending a lot of days on the slopes. The price is justified by high-quality materials, durability, dexterity, and easy-to-use features. Your kids will be able to spend multiple hours on the slopes without freezing hands. However, these mittens are not fully waterproof and will eventually wet-through after extended exposure to moisture.

Hestra Army Leather GTX 3-Finger Mitten – Men’s

The Hestra Army Leather GTX 3-Finger Mitten for men is a durable, warm, and dexterous mitten that is suitable for skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. The few questions about durability are overridden by multiple users. The numerous reports of dexterity, comfort, and water-resistance makes this a high quality choice.