Garmin VivoSmart 3

The Garmin VivoSmart 3 is an easy-to-use, comfortable, and accurate workout tracker that is a good choice for both gym-goers and outdoor endurance athletes. Despite lacking some screen clarity and high-quality materials, this watch can be for those who want an all-day option for walking to work and going to a fitness class.

Garmin Fenix 5S Sapphire

The Garmin Fenix 5S Sapphire is a versatile, customizable, and fashionable option that can be worn around town or out on the trails. Despite lacking in battery life and being extremely high in price, if you are a runner who is focused on tracking your stats, this could be a good option.

Five Ten Freerider EPS High Shoe – Men’s

The Five Ten Freerider EPS High Shoe for men is a supportive, high-grip, and warm shoe that can keep your feet comfortable and toasty in cold, winter conditions. Despite being thin underfoot, this allows you to fully feel the pedals and remain in control while pedaling, even if it means your feet can let in more chilly weather if you are walking on snow. If you want a shoe that is sturdy, comfortable, and insulated, this could be a good option.

Fabric Line Race Saddle

The Fabric Line Race Saddle is a comfortable, flexible, and versatile option that works well for providing all-day comfort in a variety of weather conditions and ride durations. Despite this saddle being a bit heavier than other similar choices on the market, this saddle can provide ample comfort for long endurance rides due to the pressure-relief construction.

Easton EC90 SL Stem

The Easton EC90 SL Stem is aerodynamic, lightweight, and durable for a smooth and comfortable ride. Despite being expensive when compared to other choices, this stem provides ample compatibility with seat posts, reduces muscle fatigue, and increases durability for long-term use over multiple seasons.

Castelli Volo Short – Men’s

The Castelli Volo Short for men is a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable option that provides plenty of efficiency and ventilation during long, warm rides. Despite some issues with the sizing and pricing, this short stays in place during intense activity and stays comfortable during all-day rides.

Castelli Velocissima Bib Short – Women’s

The Castelli Velocissima Bib Short for women is a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable option that works well for all-day use. Despite having some issues with the sizing and thin chamois, this bib short can work well for endurance rides in hot weather due to the ample ventilation.

Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet

The Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet is a lightweight, ventilated, and adjustable option that works well to protect your head and provide a customized and comfortable fit. Despite lacking some safety features and durability, this helmet can be a great option for those needing a breathable, comfortable, and stylish choice.

Assos Ss JerseyMilleGT – Men’s

The Assos Ss JerseyMilleGT for men is a lightweight, breathable, and hot-weather top that can keep you cool during long endurance rides. However, this jersey has had sizing issues, with users claiming that the sizing is way too small to order true-to-size. In this case, we recommend trying on before purchasing or sizing-down if ordering online so that you can reap the benefits of this ventilated, snug-fitting, and sweat-wicking jersey.

Assos SS.campionissimoJersey_evo7 Jersey – Short Sleeve – Men’s

Assos SS.campionissimoJersey_evo7 short sleeve jersey for men is a breathable, lightweight, and hot-weather jersey that can regulate your temperature on those tough summer days. Despite being at the high end of the price spectrum, if you frequently cycle on hot days, this jersey can provide all-day comfort, secure storage, a performance-oriented fit, and plenty of mobility for those tough enduro rides.