Outdoor Research Mt. Baker Modular Mitten – Men’s

The Outdoor Research Mt. Baker Modular Mitten for men is a warm, versatile, and durable option for those who want a dexterous liner, combined with a warm outer layer, combining functionality and weatherproofing into one product. The few negatives and numerous positives make this a great choice for those who spend a considerable amount of time outside in the winter, with certain technical features for skiers, like the extra grip on the ends of the fingers, and ability to hook the gloves together to remain safe in your bag.

Hestra Power Heater Mitten

The Hestra Power Heater Mitten is a breathable, weatherproof, and comfortable option for keeping your hands warm on the coldest of days. The three heat settings provide versatility and allow you to customize the amount of heat you receive, despite the battery power not lasting super long on the high-heat option. For those who have habitually cold hands and value warmth over weight, this could be a great option.

Hestra Morrison Pro Model 3-Finger Glove – Men’s

The Hestra Morrison Pro Model 3-Finger Glove for men is a high-quality, comfortable, waterproof, and durable glove that is best for those who want a long-lasting and dexterous option that will also keep your hands warm. The high-performance qualities, like a zipper for getting on and off, double leather, and reverse stitching all make this a top-of-the-line option for skiers and snowboarders.

Black Diamond Guide Finger Mitten

The Black Diamond Guide Finger Mitten is a champion for cold days on the mountain, keeping heat in and wetness out (especially after some leather treatment). The separated index finger works for increased dexterity, and the liner keeps hands warm while wicking sweat away. Although the palm of these gloves is noticeably thinner than the back of the hand, the glove stays warm and is still durable against wear and tear and steel edges.

Hestra Army Leather Gore-Tex Mitten – Men’s

The Hestra Army Leather Gore-Tex Mitten is for people who recreate in very cold temperatures or tend to have cold hands. They are comfortable and durable, with people still happily using these gloves many years after purchasing. As with all leather gloves, there is regular maintenance required, as well as less-than-perfect waterproofing, but for those comfortable with these limitations, this is a terrific cold-weather mitten.