Arc’teryx Iser Pant – Men’s

The Arc’teryx Iser Pant for men is a durable, high-quality, and trim-fitting pant that provides mobility, compatibility with Arc’teryx jackets, and all-day comfort. Despite having some sizing issues that may require you to try-on the pants in-store instead of online, this pant can work well in a wide range of conditions, keeping you dry, keeping your temperature regulated, and providing a stylish and sleek look.

Patagonia PowSlayer Bib Pant – Men’s

The Patagonia PowSlayer Bib Pant for men is a durable, protective, and mobile option that works well for extended backcountry use and tough weather conditions. Despite being at the higher end of the price spectrum and having some issues with the fit, if you try these on before purchasing and find they work for your body type, then this bib pant will keep you dry for many seasons.

Patagonia Untracked Pant – Men’s

The Patagonia Untracked Pant for men is a waterproof, durable, and protective pant that is well-suited for those who want a piece for a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Despite being expensive, this pant works well at keeping snow out, remaining highly-mobile, and keeping a flattering fit. This is a great option for those who don’t care about spending a little extra money for a long-lasting and performance-oriented pant.

Marmot Discovery Bib Pant – Men’s

The Marmot Discovery Bib Pant is an affordable and warm option. The issue with this bib pant is the fit, which isn’t restricting in some areas, but is too loose in the frontal crotch area, and can result in a lack of ample mobility. In addition, the pockets are a deal-breaker – the pockets have no closures, so snow and water can pile up while you’re gliding down the mountain. Overall, we would only recommend this bib pant for those who want to hang out in the lodge on the mountain, or on a mild day where you are positive it won’t rain or snow.