ALO YOGA High-Waist Goddess Legging – Women’s

The ALO YOGA High-Waist Goddess Legging for women are comfortable, flattering, and stylish leggings that can be worn to your weekly yoga class or to go walk around town. Even though these may be a little bit too warm for heated Vinyasa, they have very soft material, contain a stylish high-waisted design, and can withstand wear over a long period of time.

Seea Swimwear Tofino One-Piece Swimsuit – Women’s

The Seea Swimwear Tofino One-Piece Swimsuit for women is a flattering, stylish, and comfortable suit that is perfect for a day of lounging by the beach or the pool. Not the best choice for active use or in outdoor watersports, this one-piece suit is more designed for feeling comfortable in your own skin with a suit that combines a stylish design and a flattering cut.

Marmot Kate Softshell Pant – Women’s

The Marmot Kate Softshell Pant for women is a waterproof, comfortable, and flattering option that is well-suited for those who have a curvier body shape. Despite the fit causing some issues for women who have a straighter or slimmer body type, this softshell pant could work well for those who are looking for a pant designed for a “woman’s” body type in mind. These pants offer full weather protection, warmth, soft material, and stretchy construction for a long day on the mountain.

Marmot Dropway Jacket – Women’s

The Marmot Dropway Jacket for women is a performance-oriented, fully-protective, and comfortable jacket for all-day use on the mountain. Despite some reports of the neck being too high and rubbing the skin and blocking vision, this jacket could be a good choice for those who want a fully waterproof, temperature-regulated, and warm layering option for the mountain.

Fjallraven Nikka Pant – Women’s

The Fjallraven Nikka Pant for women is a functional, versatile, and mobile pant that works well for a variety of outdoor activities. Despite some issues with the sizing due to the longer inseam and no ability to shorten the pants, this pant combines flexibility with durability, letting you have a full range of motion while outdoors, while still remaining protected against the weather and tough use.

Black Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Shell – Women’s

The Black Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Shell for women is a protective, comfortable, and mobile rain shell that is versatile in many conditions. Despite not being the lightest or the most breathable, this shell provides great layering abilities to make it usable in various climates and precipitation levels. Although we wouldn’t recommend wearing this as a stand-alone layer during heavy precipitation, the soft material and great fit allow you to easily layer this shell.

Arc’teryx Kakeela Pant – Women’s

The Arc’teryx Kakeela Pant for women is a durable, breathable, and protective pant that is well-suited for those who don’t mind spending a little extra for a lifetime guarantee. Despite some issues with the back of the pants riding a little low, if these pants properly fit you and your body shape, you will enjoy the ample protection, strong and durable material, and comfort for all-day use.

Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket – Women’s

The Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket for women is a weather-protective, functional, and versatile jacket that is well-versed in many outdoor activities. The fit and the construction make this a great choice for those who frequently are climbing, mountaineering, hiking, or doing other outdoor activities. Despite being expensive and lacking pit zips for additional breathability, the weather-protection, durability, and comfort provided by this jacket make it a long-lasting and high-quality choice.

Arc’teryx Atom SL Hooded Jacket – Women’s

The Arc’teryx Atom SL Hooded Jacket is a lightweight, weather-resistant, and highly-mobile jacket that can serve as a layering option in various conditions or climates. Despite being expensive and not providing the most warmth or protection, this jacket isn’t designed to be a stand-alone layer in extreme conditions. Instead, it was created for a variety of activities, versatility in numerous conditions, and the ability to layer comfortably.