Arc’teryx Covert Cardigan – Women’s

The Arc’teryx Covert Cardigan for women is a warm, comfortable, and stylish layering option, that is well-suited for casual use around town. Despite providing warmth and having some technical features, like hand-warmer pockets and a microfleece-lined collar, the cardigan isn’t really constructed for high performance. The lack of a hood, no water-resistance, non-breathable material, and a fit that inhibits a full range of motion means this layer is best for casual and indoor use, or for layering underneath a technical shell during light activity.

Airblaster Sassy Hot Bib Pant – Women’s

The Airblaster Sassy Hot Bib Pant for women is a waterproof bib option with a unique look. There are some complaints about how the bib fits different women’s bodies which may deter some from taking a chance on this product. However, for those looking for something new and unique, this could be a good choice.

Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Shell Pant – Women’s

The Norrona Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Shell Pant for women is a functional, versatile, and fully weather-protective option, that allows customization of fit and style, providing the option to use with/without the bib depending on the current weather. Despite having some issues with finding the right fit, for those whose bodies are a match, this could be a great option for active days in the mountains.

The North Face Thermoball Hooded Insulated Jacket – Women’s

The North Face Thermoball Hooded Insulated Jacket for women is a compressible, wind-resistant, and comfortable layering option that utilizes synthetic insulation to provide warmth even when wet. The ability to easily pack this jacket makes it a good choice for layering on cold days, since you can easily wear this under a shell. This jacket isn’t as cozy as others on the market, and its breathability is only average, but for a synthetic layer, this is a solid choice.

Backcountry Silver Fork 750 Hooded Jacket – Women’s

The Backcountry Silver Fork 750 Hooded Jacket for women is a nice looking, adjustable, and compressible layering option that is well-suited for those who want an easily-packable jacket for various occasions. The ability of this jacket to provide warmth without being too poofy or too bulky enhances the versatility. The issues with the sizing and the sleeve length will deter some active users who need a sleeve length that fully covers, but for those who want a casual layer, this is a nice choice.

Volcom Shadow Insulated Jacket – Women’s

The Volcom Shadow Insulated Jacket for women is a warm and stylish jacket that is well-suited for long days at the ski resort. The longer fit prevents snow from getting in, but some may not like the length for some activities. Although the weatherproofing may not keep out the wettest of storms, the warmth and style of this jacket make it a great pick in all but the worst Mother Nature can throw at you.

The North Face Gotham II Hooded Down Parka – Women’s

The North Face Gotham II Hooded Down Parka for women is a stylish, lightweight, and versatile jacket that is best used for casual wear in mild and dry weather. The lack of waterproofing or windproofing makes this unsuitable for active outdoor use, but the stretchy fabric, adjustable hood, warmth, and style provided makes this a great option for wearing around the town or for light activity.

Roxy Andie Hooded Jacket – Women’s

The Roxy Andie Hooded Jacket for women is a functional, comfortable, and warm jacket, that provides good temperature control and warmth for a lightweight and soft jacket. The limited waterproofing makes this not the best for an outer layer in tough conditions or in prolonged precipitation, but for dry and cold weather outdoor activities, this can be a good choice due to the longer fit and comfort.

Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Insulated Jacket – Women’s

The Patagonia Nano-Air Light Hybrid Insulated Jacket shines in high-output activities in cold weather because of its highly breathable back panel and warm front. Designed to be lightweight and flexible for lots of movement, the jacket is comfortable and easy to layer under other jackets. The Nano-Air Light Hybrid shines for its odor resistance, front panel water resistance, and comfort, but it may not be the best choice for someone looking for a do-it-all jacket. For what it does, however, this jacket does it very well.