Volcom Species Stretch Pant – Women’s

The Volcom Species Stretch Pant for women is a functional, mobile, and comfortable option that works well for all-day use on the mountain. We recommend trying this pant on and seeing color options in-person before purchasing, as the fit and color discrepancies can cause problems when ordering online. Once you find the perfect fit for your body type, this pant will securely hold your gear, keep you warm on cold days, and keep you comfortable while snowboarding.

Marmot Kate Softshell Pant – Women’s

The Marmot Kate Softshell Pant for women is a waterproof, comfortable, and flattering option that is well-suited for those who have a curvier body shape. Despite the fit causing some issues for women who have a straighter or slimmer body type, this softshell pant could work well for those who are looking for a pant designed for a “woman’s” body type in mind. These pants offer full weather protection, warmth, soft material, and stretchy construction for a long day on the mountain.